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    Research and Development projects are a key area of focus for the Alban TSA where we enjoy continued collaboration and success with a range of organisations and institutions.


    Research Advocates Programme 2016-2017

    Do you want to explore an aspect of teaching and learning in more depth?  Are you stuck with something and want to see what is already out there?  Do you want to see if there is any research evidence to back up a change that you are making or considering?

    Who is this course for?

    The Research Advocates programme is a short programme designed to help teachers of all levels of experience to gain skills and ideas in accessing educational research.

    What are the objectives or outcomes?

    This programme will support teachers in:

    • Developing an understanding of educational research - its purpose and methodology
    • Becoming informed on a range of educational research in an area of specific interest
    • Using educational research to inform practice and decision making in teaching and learning
    • Reflecting critically upon and evaluating the use of educational research in classroom practice

    Practical information

    This programme is hosted at Sandringham School, St Albans, with afternoon sessions each running from 2.00pm to 4.30pm on:

    We are offering two cohorts as follows:-

    Cohort 1

    • Monday 14th November 2016
    • Tuesday 13th December 2016
    • Monday 23rd January 2017
    • Wednesday 22nd February 2017

    Cohort 2

    • Tuesday 28th March 2017
    • Thursday 27th April 2017
    • Tuesday 6th June 2017
    • Monday 10th July 2017

    The programme is designed to support teachers in their individual areas of focus.

    To book this course contact