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Using feedback whilst teaching virtually

With my Year 10 class, we began the lockdown period by revising. This meant that I did not have to write new work for them. However, I was keen to help them gain the most from revision. The class were a high attaining class and in previous class discussions, it had become clear that they […]

The MaternityTeacher PaternityTeacher Project

Inspiring, empowering and connecting teachers choosing to complete CPD on parental leave. For teachers taking leave or in the two years following maternity and paternity leave. A membership platform is now available for teachers at just £5 for three years offering access to short coaching tutorials as well as an increased range of case studies […]

The OLLIE Foundation

 The OLLIE Foundation is a suicide prevention training charity. Initially aiming to reduce youth suicide, their work has evolved and during these incredible days of uncertainty, they have become acutely aware of the impact lockdown is having on people around the world, and the tragic rise in suicides being reported. In an effort to support […]