Inside 2020: 360safe self review framework and Online safety

Next Session: May 11, 2020 | 12:00pm - 12:00pm

This is a pre-recorded webinar which will be shared from noon, Monday, 11th May.
Any delegate booking on this webinar will receive a link to this 30-45 minute resource within 1 working day of their booking, after the available by date.


Christian Turton, Primary Computing Hub Lead and Online Safety Mark Assessor, Alban TSA, is delighted to present on the subject of the 360safe review framework and Online Safety featuring Ron Richards, Online Safety Consultant, Retired Headteacher, Online Safety Mark Lead Assessor

This session will look at the free 360safe Online Safety self-review framework and online self-review tool, looking at how this can be used to review all aspects of Online Safety provision in your school. We will speak to leading expert Ron Richards and then go on to explore and signpost some key online safety resources for further exploration.

Who is this for?

Senior Leaders, Safeguarding Leads and those with responsibility for Online Safety in School.

Areas of focus

  1.  Introduction to the 360safe self review framework
  2.  Interview with Ron Richards, retired headteacher, online safety consultant and lead assessor for the Online Safety Mark
  3.  5 top online safety resources

Meet the facilitators

Christian Turton is the Primary Computing Hub Lead for the Sandringham Computing Hub at Alban TSA, part of the National Centre for Computing Education. Prior to this role Christian has a wealth of experience in supporting schools with Education Technology, Computing Curriculum and Online Safety as a local authority consultant, for Apple as part of the Apple Professional Learning Specialists programme and at the London Connected Learning Centre.



Ron Richards became a founding member of the South West Grid for Learning E-Safety Group in 2005, while Headteacher of Priory Community School, a large secondary school in Weston Super Mare.  In his continuing role as a School Improvement Partner to many Somerset secondary schools, he advises on a wide range of issues, complemented by his role as lead assessor for the Online Safety Mark.