A preventative approach to mental health in schools

Starting: June 13, 2018 | 4:00pm - 5:30pm

This course will introduce ideas on how to map wellbeing in school, in addition to being able to evaluate impact in a robust way.  In addition, discover how this approach can help to tailor provision for the individual, as well as a whole school approach through PSHE or form time.  Examine and discuss an approach for wellbeing support that can be school wide and build from primary, following children all the way through to 6th form.

Who is this course for?

Mental health coordinators, SEND/co, PSHE teachers, wellbeing coordinators, Pastoral staff.

What are the intended outcomes of the session?

To be able to create and think about a coordinated, preventative and evaluative approach to wellbeing, school wide.

On this programme participants will:

  • Look at ways of tracking mental wellbeing, in addition to impact measures.
  • Ideas about where to start the process.
  • Looking at a preventative approach to mental health.

The course will include:

  • A self-assessment audit.
  • An outline of the importance of a preventative approach.
  • Sharing ideas and good practice.

Meet the facilitator

Sara Fox is the mental health coordinator and champion at Ashlyns School.  She also teaches philosophy and ethics, and Politics.

Sara has been looking at ways of working towards a coordinated approach to mental health and well being in schools, that can be trackable and that prove impact upon the pupils involved.

What did others think?

“The practice at Ashlyns is excellent.” – Area Ed Psych.