Inside 2020: Back on Track

Next Session: June 1, 2020 | 12:00pm - 12:00pm

This is a pre-recorded webinar which will be available from noon, Monday, 1st June.
Any delegate booking on this webinar will receive a link to this 30-45 minute resource within 1 working day of their booking, after the available by date.

Mary Myatt presents on ten suggestions for making sure that we only focus on the things that make a difference in our schools. This will mean taking a hard nosed look at some of the processes that have grown up over time and which might be getting in the way of our best work. We will look at the headlines of Greg McKeown’s Essentialism, Marie’s Kondo Magic of Tidying (!) and the Pareto Principle and consider how these might apply to our practice.

Who is this for?

All teachers and leaders.


Meet the facilitator

Mary Myatt

Education adviser and writer

Mary Myatt is an education adviser, writer and speaker. She trained as an RE teacher and has also taught English, history, maths and Latin. A former local authority adviser and inspector, she works in schools talking to pupils, teachers and leaders about learning, leadership and the curriculum. She maintains that there are no quick fixes and that great outcomes for pupils are not achieved through tick boxes.