Getting the best out of boys in the classroom

Starting: June 19, 2018 | 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Boys are regarded by educational experts as ‘the best barometers of good teachers and good teaching’.  If this group are not engaged or onside, they are more likely to present disruptive behaviour compared to girls.

Boys typically dominate student concerns and behavioural issues which might explain why teacher and author Gary Wilson believes there are over 30 barriers to boys’ achievement!

This workshop will explore ideas about how boys behave and learn best and aims to (re)equip teachers with knowledge and strategies to get the best out of them in the classroom (especially the trickier ones!).

Who is this course for?

Secondary School Teachers

What are the intended outcomes of the session?

In this workshop participants will consider:

  • approaches to seating and grouping boys
  • dealing with boys without shouting or ‘nagging’
  • how boys like to learn (or learn best)
  • how we can get reluctant boys to write well

Meet the facilitator

Michael Tatham, Beaumont School

Having been a committed and full time English Teacher and Departmental Leader in two contrasting state schools, Michael has comprehensive knowledge of how boys from both disadvantaged and privileged backgrounds can flourish if well guided. His interest in the complicated craft of teaching, together with the professional development of others, is currently reflected in his work as Observation Mentor for the Alban Federation and his role as Action Research Leader at his current secondary school.