An Introduction to Inquiry Maths

Starting: July 8, 2019 | 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Delegate costs for this course are fully funded and free of charge

An Introduction to Inquiry Maths

Inquiry Maths is an exciting model of teaching mathematics that has been used in classrooms around the world. It promotes self-regulation and mathematical reasoning by following lines of inquiry. Inquiries start with students’ questions and conjectures and continue with pathways that involve generalisations and proof. Students are encouraged to direct their own learning while exploring a prompt. The teacher’s aim is to co-construct inquiries that combine curiosity, creativity and student initiative with instruction in relevant concepts and procedures. The workshop will introduce the Inquiry Maths model, include advice about how teachers can use the model with their own classes and give participants the chance to experience classroom inquiry.

Who is this course for?

Secondary school Maths teachers (years 7 to 11)

Meet the Facilitator

The session will be run by Andrew Blair, the creator of Inquiry Maths.
Andrew has led maths departments for 20 years and is currently Head of Mathematics at Haverstock School, Camden (London). He set up the influential website and has a PhD in maths education from King’s College London.