LESS CO2 Programme – March 20, 2018

Starting: March 20, 2018 | 1:00pm - 5:00pm


Our programme enables schools to work together and learn from each other through a series of half day workshops spread across the year, led by experts and award-winning sustainable schools and supported by peer mentoring. As a result, staff are empowered and equipped to make changes and improvements to their school to reduce energy usage, save money on bills and lower CO2 emissions.

The first workshop (of four) was held on Wednesday 27th September 2017 from 1pm to 5pm at Sir John Lawes School, Harpenden.

The remaining workshops will be held as follows:

Who is this course for?

Workshops are attended by staff from schools of all roles and levels. We recommend one or two of the following should attend: Head teacher, deputy head, school business manager, science/geography teachers, sustainability leads, Ecoschools coordinator.

What are the objectives or outcomes?

Our programme enables schools to work together and learn from each other, in clusters of 15 schools in a suitable geographical area, led by experts and award winning sustainable schools. Schools attend four local workshops throughout the year.

These workshops teach the school’s representatives about energy saving in their buildings, how to engage with their fellow staff and students about energy, and teaching them about the link between sustainability and energy use and efficiency.

Areas of focus:

The course will include:

  • Expert advice
  • Peer to peer learning
  • Materials and tools
  • Interactive sessions
  • Action Planning

Meet the facilitators:

LESS CO2 is a school’s energy reduction programme brought to you by Ashden. Ashden is a charity with a mission to help accelerate the transition to a low-carbon world through increasing the take-up of sustainable energy. Through our annual Awards Ceremony we recognise and reward the most innovative sustainable energy pioneers in the UK and developing world.

What did others think?

“I leave these workshops inspired to go back into school and make changes. They equip me with knowledge to do this, and I love the idea that we are educating children who will hopefully take their new-found knowledge and enthusiasm with them into adulthood.”
Teacher, Berry Hill Primary, Mansfield

“Participating in the LESS CO2 workshops has been really beneficial for our school. It has helped us to focus on some key behavioural changes to drive cost savings and reduce wastage. I would recommend to other schools.”
Primary School Business Manager, Brighton LESS CO2 cluster