Maternity Teacher Paternity Teacher Project 2019-20

Starting: January 1, 2019 |


Parental Leave Coaching

At the Alban Teaching School Alliance we invest in our staff development at every stage of their teaching journey. (Thanks to funding from the DfE Equalities and Diversity team), We have partnered with The Maternity Teacher Paternity Teacher Project to offer coaching to teachers choosing to complete CPD on parental leave.

We know that supporting staff members effectively whilst they are on parental leave will help to retain excellent teachers and diversify the leadership pipeline. The MTPT Project offers three coaching models:

  • A two-module Accreditation unit for teachers choosing to complete personal and professional development whilst they are on parental leave
  • Return to work coaching for teachers returning from parental leave
  • Transition coaching for teachers who have returned to work following parental leave within the last five years

The Alban Teaching School Alliance knows that this support is a key enabler of talent progression and a crucial contributor to achieving a more equal gender balance in school leadership.

Explore further at or email for more information.

Associated professional learning and coaching sessions are by arrangement following receipt of your booking.


Short summary of The MTPT Project:

Founded in 2016, The MTPT Project is the UK’s only organisation for parent teachers.  We inspire, empower and connect teachers choosing to complete professional development during parental leave, supporting them with maternity coaching and acknowledging their learning with our highly flexible Accreditation.  Our online and regional network provides parent teachers with solutions, empathy and a powerful sense of community, helping teachers to remain and progress in a profession they love as they start and grow their families.
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