NQT+1 Secondary Education Recovery Programme 2021-2022

Next Session: September 21, 2021 | 4:00pm - 5:30pm

This programme is a valuable way of supporting the NQT +1 colleagues in your school through the use of some of your Education Recovering funding. This programme has been designed in response to the challenging two years that this cohort of teachers have experienced in terms of training and NQT experience.

These sessions are designed to offer invaluable support to NQT+1 and allow them to explore how they can embed strong teaching and learning practices within their classroom, consider where their career path may go and also how they can use academic research to continue their understanding of pedagogy and how it can impact their professional development.

The twilights will take place from 4pm to 5.30pm and will be delivered either virtually or face to face in accordance with COVID guidelines at the time.  Details will be sent before each session.

Who is this course for?

Recently qualified teachers (NQT+1s).

The course is aimed at those who have successfully completed their NQT induction and are now working within schools, but without the mentoring framework so valued by NQTs.

21st September 2021
Session 1: Developing independent learners Tessa Miles
20th October 2021
Session 2: Embedding classroom practice Ben Garcia
11th November  2021
Session 3: Differentiation Matt McArthur, Whole School SEND
17th January 2022
Session 4: Retrieval practice Beth Fraser and Caroline Michel
22nd February 2022
Session 5: Career directions Athena Pitsillis
22nd March 2022
Session 6: Communication for students with complex needs Matt McArthur, Whole School SEND
21st April 2022
Session 7: Whole school literacy and numeracy Melissa Hall and Tom Way
15th June 2022
Session 8: Using educational research to support professional development Karen Roskilly, Research School

Meet the Facilitators

Session 1: Tessa Miles, Assistant Director of Teaching School: Professional Learning

Session 2: Ben Garcia, Assistant Headteacher, Sir John Lawes School

Session 3: Matt McArthur, Whole School SEND

Session 4: Beth Fraser and Caroline Michel, Sir John Lawes School

Session 5: Athena Pitsillis, Assistant Headteacher, Sandringham School

Session 6: Matt McArthur, Whole School SEND

Session 7: Melissa Hall, St Albans Girls’ School & Tom Way, Harlington Upper School, Bedford

Session 8: Karen Roskilly, Sandringham Research School