The importance of the Form Tutor

Starting: May 23, 2018 | 4:00pm - 5:30pm

This session focuses on the importance of day to day life as a Form Tutor; the first point of call for our students. The aim is to raise the pastoral profile and emphasis the connection, time and care needed to establish strong relationships with your form. Even more importantly, to ensure that teachers feel confident dealing with a range of pastoral needs under the typical time pressures of school life. In addition, to realise that the tutor is an essential cog in the pastoral machine and to be able to use the team effectively to support our students.

Who is this course for?

ITT, NQTs and all Form Tutors.

What are the intended outcomes of the session?

In this workshop participants will:

  • Focus on the role and importance of the Form Tutor and impact you can have on your form.
  • Gain confidence and ideas to be an effective support the individual as well as the form’s needs.
  • Know how to effectively use the pastoral team to ensure students’ needs are effectively and timely addressed.

Meet the facilitator: Natasha Roston

Natasha is currently the Director of Learning for Year 9 and Co-Lead Practitioner for Classics at St Albans Girls’ School, with previous leadership responsibilities for the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. As part of the History, REP and Classics departments, Natasha teaches each Key Stage across the School community. She is passionate that education is not just those precious moments in the classroom but the supportive, challenging and nurturing environment for which we all play a part. As such, she has a committed pastoral focus, especially with the belief that our words and actions, even at times when we least expect it, are what truly shape our students.

What did others think?

“Very engaging and easy to relate to real life issues. Really enjoyable, highlights the importance of Form Time and the relationship you have.” – NQT at STAGS.