The role of positive psychology in helping people to flourish

Starting: May 17, 2018 | 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Who is this course for?

This course is for both Primary and Secondary teachers, support staff and pastoral staff.

The session will offer an exploration of the current developments in attachment theory. How do individuals develop strategies when seeking comfort and to protect against danger/threat? How are the strategies shaped by the family system into which individuals are born? How does the child develop ways to process the information they receive and establish patterns of behaviour?

Participants will be engaged in an interactive experiential session where we consider how the understanding of the DMM can inform our communication with members of the school community: colleagues, students and parents.  What role does this understanding have in helping the people we work with to flourish?

Meet the facilitators – Pear

Stephen Morris is a specialist in psychological education that promotes behavioural change. He is an experienced facilitator, programme designer and supervisor. In addition, he is an accomplished conference speaker and presenter.

Stephen has worked with clients including McKinsey, National Grid, Talk Talk and Barclays Bank, delivering psychological education programmes focused on stress management, group/team dysfunction and interpersonal skills. More recently he has worked with RSSB, Herts for Learning and NACRO. Stephen has an MSc in Attachment Studies from the University of Roehampton,

Hilary Dawson is an experienced therapeutic group-work facilitator, and trainer. Hilary draws on key skills based in motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioural theory, experiential learning techniques, structured improvisation and applied drama for education and rehabilitation. Recently she has been training Birmingham child protection social workers in Motivational Interviewing.  In addition, she has worked extensively with the Estonian Ministry of Justice to radically redesign (and train all staff in the delivery of) an evidence based substance misuse intervention for offenders.

Hilary has a BSc Hons from the University of Bath in Sociology, a BA in Community Theatre Arts, a Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling and a Certificate of Qualification in Social Work (CQSW).