Starting: June 25, 2018 | 9:30am - 3:00pm

This course will focus on the challenging aspects of the previous curriculum that have been retained on the current GCSE curriculum. This will include algebraic proof and circle theorems. There will also be a focus on new content to both GCSE Foundation and Higher Tier including invariance with transformations and area under a curve. Delegates will identify some of the pedagogical methods used to support students with comprehending and retaining content at a greater level of challenge. All delegates will receive a copy of the resources discussed to support continued professional development and enhanced teaching and learning of GCSE mathematics

Who is this course for?

This course is for teachers who are teaching maths outside their personal specialism and may not have studied mathematics beyond KS4 or may need a refresher on subject knowledge.

It is specifically aimed at:

  • non-specialist teachers who could potentially teach secondary mathematics in addition to, or as their main subject
  • non-specialist teachers who are currently teaching mathematics (either full-time or in addition to the specialist subject)
  • teachers who are looking to return to the profession

Places are available to delegates who are eligible to attend a TSST Maths programme.  To confirm this, please click on the link below to read the participant eligibility criteria and if you are satisfied that you fulfil these terms please complete and submit the form.

The ATSA will confirm your eligibility once we have received your form and we will advise if you are eligible to attend this course.  You will then be instructed to complete your booking online.

If you have participated in the ATSA 2017-18 TSST Maths programme and have already completed our Participant Eligibility Form please proceed straight to booking your place.

Course focus

  • Probability tree diagrams
  • Circle theorems
  • Histograms (maybe…)
  • Area under a curve (maybe…)
  • Basic trig (and maybe more advanced…)
  • Transformations including invariance
  • Vectors (introduction)
  • Similarity with area and volume
  • Algebraic proof

Meet the facilitator

Kyle Barry is a Specialist Leader of Education with the Alban Teach School Alliance, currently leading a successful and expanding mathematics department at Samuel Ryder Academy. He has led whole school numeracy for a number of years, whilst concurrently managing pastoral development as a Head of Year.

Kyle has experienced the positive impact of communication through his work across a range of schools throughout his career and has a passion for collaborative working.